Suli Pharmaceutical Technology Jiangyin Co., Ltd.
Analysis Instruments in Shanghai R&D:

Agilent HPLC-MS instrument: 1
Agilent HPLC instrument: 4
Agilent chrial HPLC instrument: 1
Agilent GC with headspace instrument: 1
Melting point instrument (ShenGuang): 1
Karl-Fisher Moisture titrator (Mettler-Toledo): 1
Halogen Moisture analyzer (Mettler-Toledo): 1
pH meter (Mettler-Toledo): 1
MicorBanlance (Mettler-Toledo): 1



Analysis Instruments in Jiangyin Site:

2 Agelient HPLC instruments and 1 waters HPLC instrument
2 Agelient GC instruments
Melting point instrument
Particle size test instrument
Karl-Fisher moisture titrator
ICP instrument
DSC instrument
HNMR, HPLC-MS, GC-MS, ICP/MS test nearby


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